Thursday, June 17, 2021

What is Natural Language Processing and its roadmap to learn NLP?


What is NLP?

Natural Language Processing is another aspect of Artificial Intelligence, with the interactions between computers and human language. NLP is a process to understand human language as a form of spoken or written for a computer program.

NLP has a number of applications in the real world like Search Engines, Business Intelligence, Medical Research.

How does Natural Language Processing work?

NLP helps the computer to understand the natural language like humans, whatever the language is spoken or written. IN NLP it takes raw real-world input, processes it, and makes it understandable for computers. It just like the human brain processes input, the same computers have a program to process their respective input.

It has two major parts in Natural Language Processing: Data Preprocessing and Develops Algorithm.

Data cleaning takes a major role in NLP. There are some ways to clean your data:

Tokenization: The sentence breaks down into smaller units

Remove Pantuations: Remove the punctuations, which are not important in model building.

Remove Stop Words: Remove the common words from the text so unique and important words remain in the text.

Stemming and Lemmatization: It is a process of reducing inflected words to their word stem.

Uses of Natural Language Processing

Some uses of Natural Language Processing

Text Extraction: It automatically summarized the text and finds the important pieces of data. A very well-known example is Key Word Extractions. I this process the algorithm finds one or more important keywords from a text or paragraphs.

Natural Language Generation: In this process, the algorithm analyzes the unstructured data and automatically generates content based on that data. 

Text Classification: In this, the algorithm categorized the texts and tags. It is useful in Sentiment Analysis, which helps natural language processing algorithm to determine the sentiment of emotion behind a text.

Roadmap to learn NLP in 2021

Source: Krish Naik (YouTube)

Projects can do using NLP

This list is suitable for beginners, intermediates, and experts also. If you are looking for NLP projects for the final year, this list should help you out.

You can do these projects to showcase your NLP knowledge

  • Stock Price Prediction using News Headlines
  • Spam Ham Classicifation
  • Fake News Classifier
  • Predictive Text Genaretor
  • Question Generator
  • Customer Support Bot
  • Language Identifier

Real-life examples in NLP

Natural Language Processing and AI technology for businesses are increasing gradually. Regardless of whether it's a physical store with stock or an enormous SaaS brand with many representatives, clients and organizations need to convey previously, during, and after a deal. There is a wide range of uses for NLP. The following are only three distinct ways that organizations can utilize innovation in their business.

Below are a few real-world examples of the NLP uses.

  • Form Spell Check
  • Search Autocomplete
  • Search Autocorrect
  • Machine Translation
  • Messenger Bot
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Knowledge Base Support
  • Customer Service Automation
  • Google Assistance/ Alexa / Siri
  • Social Media Monitoring

Natural language processing has a crucial impact on innovation and the manner in which people associate with it. It is utilized in some certifiable applications in both the business and shopper circles, including chatbots, network protection, web indexes, and enormous information examination. In spite of the fact that not without its difficulties, NLP is required to keep on being a significant piece of both industry and regular daily existence.


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